Our Mission:
Our smile is the greatest non-verbal communicator we have. Under the guidance of Dr. Dov Kahane the dental professionals at Riverdale Cosmetic Dentists are committed to producing and maintaining beautiful smiles and healthy mouths. We improve the health and appearance of our patients through the highest quality dental care available in the most comfortable setting. We improve the quality of our patients' lives every day!

Our Standard of Excellence:
With over twenty-five years of experience, Dr. Dov Kahane, who graduated top of his class at Columbia University, has built a reputation of excellence - and Riverdale Cosmetic Dentists, with its state of the art facility, has become the premier location for comprehensive restorative, preventive and cosmetic care, serving people in the Riverdale, Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester areas. Built upon age-proven principles, and using the most up-to-date techniques such as low dose digital x-rays, which minimizes radiation exposure to our patients and eliminates chemical pollution to the environment, Dr. Kahane and his associates help their patients achieve their dreams of beautiful teeth, healthy gums, and a gorgeous smile.

Our Promise to You:
We will provide a relaxed and stress-free setting to maintain and restore your oral health. We will take your cares and concerns seriously. We will work efficiently and carefully to provide a different kind of dentist visit and a different kind of result. We cater to people who care about themselves and want to enjoy sharing their smile with others!